If ever there was an ideal venue for a hypnosis show it’s a students’ union, and Martin has specialised in entertaining students since he was at university himself.

What sets Martin’s show apart is that he treats students as an intelligent audience. He starts his act with a stand-up comedy slot which leaves the audience helpless with laughter, but also informed about how Martin can hypnotise without using hypnosis.

This means that when the show starts, there’s never a shortage of volunteers. They know there’s no trance involved so Martin doesn’t have to waste time inducing one - the crazy stunts start from the minute volunteers go up on stage.

Whether it’s a psychology society who want sophisticated wit, or a noisy bar where they want it raunchy and over the top, Martin is expert at judging how to pace the show and leaving the audience cheering to the echo.

Successful? Of course! Martin has been booked and re-booked at virtually every university in the country. (Leeds University booked him nine times in one year alone.)

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