Speakers for Sixth Forms

I’m always being asked if I know of other speakers who can talk to sixth forms. I often chat to school staff about other speakers they have had, and there are a number of names who come up regularly. F lecturers I have seen personally and highly recommend:
  • Anthony Slinn has several lectures on the fine arts. (The one I’ve seen is his talk on van Gogh.) Enormous fun, the more so in that many of the students are expecting something very dry and boring; that’s not what they get!
  • Those of you of a certain age will certainly know the name of Mike Hurst. Mike has worked with countless top names in the music industry, and his talk on the history of pop music is captivating, entertaining, and repeatedly re-booked.
  • For a lecture on debunking pseudo-psychic nonsense, you can do no better than Professor Chris French. Chris describes himself as 'rent-a-skeptic' for TV when they're trying to give a balanced approach, but this plays down his serious credentials as a Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths in the University of London.
  • Dr Matt Pritchard can make pretty much any aspect of science interesting fun, different, and magical to anyone. I saw him at the Magic Circle, where he confounded the magicians with his approach. Matt lectures to all ages, not just sixth-formers.
There are about twenty others on my list, but as I haven’t seen them personally I don’t want to go too public. Contact me and I’ll give you the mysterious hidden web page with contact details and reviews from other sixth forms.

Hypnotists Outside the UK

If you’re looking for hypnotists in other countries check out Szeles in the USA or Troye in South Africa.

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