It’s no wonder Martin Taylor’s act is so popular at balls and parties; just look at what’s included when you book him. At a typical party Martin will...
  • ...mingle with guests at the reception or the queue of people waiting before the function starts. He’ll perform some quick, silly magic, just to introduce himself and get the guests laughing. Or maybe he’ll do some balloon modelling, like in the photo.
  • ...perform a trick at each table during dinner. This is the time for a huge and spectacular trick. You’ll know where Martin is in the room - just listen for the gasps of surprise, and the applause.
  • ...perform hypnosis in cabaret. Martin can do one or two sets, which can be very similar, or totally different. Many colleges like to have one sophisticated, with subtle humour, and one wild and over the top.
  • more magic informally throughout the function - even into the small hours if that’s what you want.

Successful? You bet! In one year he performed at every one of Oxford University’s summer balls. On another occasion he was asked to give shows at no fewer than eight of Cambridge’s famous May Balls.

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