The reactions to Martin’s show are overwhelmingly ones of amazement and fascination: he’s easily the best on the circuit.
Derren Brown

I would just like to thank you again and again for being so fantastic on Friday night. From your arrival to your departure you managed the crowd with astonishing ease, raising huge bouts of applause wherever you went. I will certainly make sure that other colleges know about you and that we get you back for our next ball.
Lily Sykes, Magdalen College Oxford

We laughed until we cried – even the participants! ... A fabulous entertainer who didn't humiliate for cheap laughs. My colleagues are still talking about it a month on! Thanks Martin, you did a wonderful job!
Wendy Bloomer, HBOS

Thank you for such an excellent night. Everyone I spoke to mentioned you, saying how great they thought you were in the queue, the hall, and on stage. Another May Ball Ents officer has already asked me for your details, and she should be getting in touch soon. I’ll definitely be recommending you to future Ents officers.
Adam Booth, Robinson College Cambridge

People were begging me to rebook you before you’d even left the building.
Tamsin Roberts, Leicester University

The best act we’ve ever had here!
Russell Levinson, Host of the monthly magic show Conjuring at the Court

When I heard we were getting a hypnotist for our Christmas party I was dreading it - all that public humiliation and embarrassment just makes me cringe. But you were fantastic, and it was obvious the volunteers enjoyed it as much as the rest of the audience. Congratulations on such a professional, entertaining, and intelligent show.
Simon Money, HBOS

Very, very funny ... much better than any other hypnotist we’ve used.
Kathy de Beer, Royal Holloway Ents

...a brilliant night’s entertainment.
Fiona Nicholas, in the newspaper FELIX

HTV are extremely excited with the success of the programme ... we could not have reached this far without your help.
Frankie Glass, Producer, Something Strange

...your following afterwards spoke for itself.
Helen Ball, Oxford University Biology Society

We thought you would be good, but we had no idea you would be that good!
Dave Biddleston, Bath

Back by popular demand in only six months, Martin left his audience in stitches.
Tim Derry, The Dickens Inn

An excellent show! Students were talking about it for weeks.
Olivea Ohonmele, University of Essex

...still the number one topic of conversation and will be for a long time to come.
Alexander Learmonth, Uppingham

...a tremendous success!
Roger Woodward, Sevenoaks Summer Festival

Martin’s hypnosis of over 100 people en masse is a sight that just has to be seen.
Nigel D Baker, Imperial College Rag Chairman

Superb stuff...very well done indeed!
Roger Fawcett, Lucent Technologies

If I had not been there in person I just would not have believed it. Fascinating.
Ian Keable, Opus magazine

I never believed my foot would stick to the floor, and the shock was amazing. But I know the effects were real, and fascinating enough to want to try some more.
Sue McKechnie, University of Hertfordshire

Nick Kaye, Harpenden Cricket Club

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